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During this strange and unsettling time, I feel doulas are needed more than ever!  Babies come when babies come, Covid-19 or no Covid-19.  One thing is for sure your baby will be born no matter what is going on in the outside world and it is my hope to help make the experience as positive and empowering as it can be for you during this unprecedented time of our lives!

I am available to support you (and your partner) throughout your journey to birth either virtually, or in person once sanctions are lifted, or as your one chosen birth partner if needed for whatever reason (perhaps your partner has to stay home with another little one or has symptoms and so cannot be with you).

I am also happy to assist should you need support last minute when you need a friendly and loyal person by your side because of reasons outside of your control. I am flexible and able to adapt my services to your needs and will be there for you throughout.

I will help you prepare for your upcoming birth (virtually if required) and build your belief and confidence to trust in your body and mind to birth your baby safely no matter what the outside world is doing!  I'll be at the end of the phone / text whenever you need a reassuring ear.

Postnatally, I am available for virtual, (and by mutual agreement) in-home bookings (including nights), if you feel that face to face support is essential for you, please get in touch to have a chat about your needs.

Please feel free to call me for a chat if you are thinking of having doula support during this unprecedented time. I am here for you and always happy to talk through your needs and to be flexible in my approach.

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Bosom Buddy Doula

A passionate and dedicated supporter for you through the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Bosom Buddy = a very close or intimate friend.

Doula =  a trained non-medical companion who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother / birthing person who is expecting, is experiencing labour, or has recently given birth. The doula's purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.

Providing person-centred emotional and practical support and nurturing for families through pregnancy, birth and into those first sweet weeks and beyond. I offer services to families across Mid / North Wales, Shropshire and surrounding areas and look forward to supporting you through your pregnancy, during labour and after childbirth.

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Meet Bosom Buddy Doula

I'm Philippa.  Born and raised in New Zealand I was always birth and baby mad and dreamed of becoming a midwife.  I worked as a nanny and moved to the UK in 1993 whereupon my life took a different road with lots of different twists and turns but ultimately led me here - back to my passion for all things birth, babies and new mummas!  When pregnant with my first child I found out there was such a career as a Doula and I just knew I'd found my calling!  

I believe that caring, sensitive and continuous support during this special and transformative time can make a big difference to a birthing person's, their partner's, and new family's, experience of birth and the fourth trimester.  I am passionate about birthing people's rights and my aim is for this to be a positive and exciting time for the whole family ensuring you feel safe, heard and held throughout. 

I'm a mum of two wonderful little monkeys and experienced both hospital and home birth with them.  I am passionate about supporting and encouraging you to birth your baby your way, wherever that is, with confidence!  I will be there for you every step of the way and can help you with practical assistance as well as providing evidence based information to ensure you can make the best choices for you.

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"If a woman doesn't look like a goddess in labour then someone isn't treating her right"

- Ina-May Gaskin

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Newtown, Powys, Mid-Wales


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